Paytm is now launching its all new Paytm Mini Store with Google bringing in Extra Costs and Commissions for App Developers

Paytm is now launch the Paytm mini app store including 300 apps.

Paytm is now  in the process of launching its very own Paytm Mini App Store which will include 300 apps.

What is the Paytm Mini App Store ?

Paytm Mini App Store is for Paytm users only giving them access to use many apps without any instalation and money. These apps are Decathlon, Domino’s Pizza,Ola,No Brakes and other upto 300 apps.

Recently, Paytm is continuously offering many cash back offers and vouchers for increasing the user confidence and return towards its app.

Paytm Mini App Store also gives Indian developers the chance to gain independence for more developing apps with HTML, Javascript coding etc.

Paytm provides collection options, analytics and a dashboard to the developer for better communication with users.

Why has Paytm launched the Mini App Store?

Earlier, Google Play declared that it requires a 30% commission from all app companies which as of now has not been applied.

Last week, many startup founders including Vijay Sharma (Paytm) , Harshil Mathur (Razorpay) along with 50 other founders discussed about making an Indian app store.

Payments Council of India founder Patel said on the 29th September note that Google can’t “force” Indian developers to use Google billing sheets and charges and commissions for the same.

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