Google Photos introduces new feature that shows your location of capturing photos

Google Photos has added a new Maps timeline feature that shows the pictures of your trips on the routes that you’ve taken. The feature is live in Photos version 5.23.0 and above. It is the latest in a series of new features introduced in the app this year. According to Google, users can also use their photos’ locations to organize, search, and explore more photos based on where they were taken. Google Photos became the second app to hit five billion installs on Play Store this year.

To use the feature, open Google Photos > Search tab > Places > Your Map. A new warning popup will notify that Maps timeline has been added to the map, along with a link to a support page explaining the new feature. According to a report by Android Police, you may have to zoom in a bit to get the first daily path to show up. But after that, it should be easier to pinch and zoom through your city/country/world and see the routes you followed every day and all the photos you have clicked. Users also have the option to disable the timeline integration in Photos. This feature would be useful for those who want to see where they took a certain photo. It is also important to note that Google Photos will only show the Maps timeline for photos that users took with their smartphone’s location settings turned on.


“Your map shows photos including share photos you’ve saved. It uses location info such as your camera’s GPS, detected landmarks, and your location history,” Google explains. The feature has been introduced for both the Android and iOS Google Photos app. Users also get the option of turning the private timeline view off.

This new feature comes as Google has been in the process of bringing new features to Google Photos. Separately, the company has also added a Trips tab to Google Maps that allows users to retrace the vacations they took before the COVID-19 pandemic.