Facebook launches Whitepaper over standards in privacy communication

Facebook launches Whitepaper over standards in privacy communication. In a whitepaper focusing on future regulations, Facebook Inc seeks simpler.

Facebook launches Whitepaper over standards in privacy communication. In a whitepaper focusing on future regulations, Facebook Inc launches Whitepaper. Therefore, it seeks simpler, uniform privacy policy for consumers. As policymakers across the world increase limits about how businesses will gather information. On Thursday Facebook released a whitepaper that called for more simply and readily interpreted privacy policy.

Facebook launches Whitepaper


The whitepaper is part of the Privacy Matters initiative. Which the social network giant has been conducting to clarify the privacy policy improvements.

Whitepaper does not speak about the improvements that the organization is implementing. And is rather an exercise and discusses. Whether organizations may approach the existence of privacy policy in the future. The whitepaper is authored by Erin Egan, vice president and chief privacy officer, Public Policy at Facebook.

“In short, the current practices for informing people. About how companies are using their data. And the laws setting out transparency requirements. Which may be insufficient  to give people meaningful notice”. Egan wrote.

Privacy and security issues

The surveillance standards and procedures of Facebook have been widely questioned. An inquiry into the company’s data processing by the Federal Trade Commission. Which culminated in a settlement of US$5 billion last year. And Facebook vowed to introduce a variety of improvements regarding its privacy policies. Therefore, including its internal organizational framework. India and Australia have recently taken measures to speed up the processing of data online.

It addresses three issues about how privacy interactions are developed, namely whether companies, regulators and stakeholders should collaborate together and create innovative approaches and interact around safety, legal and legislative help to implement “people-centered” policies and how regulators should keep entities responsible.

In the article, however, Egan noted that standardization raises many challenges, as many goods use various types of details.”There are no simple solutions. Nor has anybody ‘solved’ the question of whether accountability should be structured to meet such needs”. He said.

In addition, the whitepaper says “efficient laws and regulations”. Which help to establish “people-centered” privacy communication design policies. But other laws promote “usual, long-form. And traditionally inefficient forms of notification”. The whitepaper also called for regulators, business. And other stakeholders to “co-develop” privacy communications requirements.

In previous years, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has pushed for privacy legislation. Hence, implying that these regulations will give the platform greater guidance. About what it should do. Some also suggested that legislation might only favor bigger tech companies. Such as Twitter, who have more capital and personnel in position to stick to regulations.