Bharti Airtel to launch it’s own version of Zoom after Reliance’s JioMeet gains popularity

Bharti Airtel Ltd also jumps into the race to become the next video conferencing giant of India, after the JioMeet gained unexpected popularity when the application provided the same features as of Zoom and all of them without any subscription. Other big players in the list includes Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts.

According to the LiveMint report, the telco is set to offer the product to startups and enterprises and will roll out the platform for regular customers after assessing the response.


The Indian version of Zoom, JioMeet faced backlash on social media after users found the app strikingly similar to the Zoom but on the other hand, the government officials are quite liking it.

Niti Aayog chief executive officer (CEO) Amitabh Kant took to Twitter on Saturday to claim that JioMeet is “better than Zoom.”

The post read, “Tried JioMeet video-conferencing. It’s easy & simple! Better than Zoom. Meetings are encrypted & password protected. Unlimited high-definition calls. All data in India. Emerges as a major technological disruption from India. Will go places in these challenging times.”

Chairman of the 15th Finance Commission, NK Singh wrote on the Twitter, ““I fully endorse and acclaim Jio Meet, which apart from the quality of the platform, is a primarily domestic effort which needs our support and recognition. The 15th Finance Commission is exploring to change over to Jio Meet for all its subsequent meetings and interactions.”

These developments around the JioMeet supports the fact that if Airtel decides to launch the application, it’s going to be celebrated over the India, and if these giants can easily make the apps, then we should be ready to see future updates about all the Indian versions of popular apps.