Airtel demonstrates India’s first Cloud Gaming experience on a 5G network with ace gamers Mortal and Mamba

G could unlock the online gaming scene in the country and will bring many talented gamers from smaller towns into the mainstream limelight. 


One of India’s most renowned gamers, Salman Ahmad, better known as Mamba said, “Mind-blowing! This was high-end PC and console-quality gaming on a smartphone.” The gaming that was enjoyed on a regular smartphone powered by a 5G test network, not only stunned Mamba but many more.

Another big name in India’s gaming scene Naman Mathur, better known as Mortal was equally impressed. Mamba and Naman Mathur both agreed that 5G could unlock the online gaming scene in the country and will bring many talented gamers from smaller towns into the mainstream limelight.

After participating in India’s first Cloud Gaming demo on a live Airtel 5G test network first-of-its-kind event that was conducted in Manesar, Gurgaon both gamers were speaking. Earlier this year in Hyderabad where 5G services over a 4G network were tested, the event conducted another successful live demonstration that the telecom giant.

The proof is in the numbers :

As showcased by Airtel 4G, the power of cloud gaming was experienced by the two of India’s best gamers with “high-end PC and console-quality gaming” on regular smartphones, with no latency issues or performance cut-backs. Both Mamba and Mortal smartphones were connected to a 3500 MHz high capacity spectrum band, on which they got speeds of over 1 Gbps, with a latency of 10 milliseconds. This was high-end gaming with no settlement over graphics and frame rates. And the best part was that it all happened on mid-segment devices, not on high-end flagship phones.

You open an app, select the game you want to play, and then start playing it. This is what takes Cloud gaming additional hardware almost entirely out of the equation and makes gaming almost like viewing content on an OTT service (like Netflix or Hotstar).

How 5G will shape the future of cloud gaming :

“Cloud gaming will be one of the biggest use cases of 5G thanks to the combination of high speed and low latency. After delivering India’s first 5G demo over a test network, we are thrilled to conduct this exciting 5G gaming session. Imagine enjoying real-time gaming on the go with someone sitting in another part of the world. This is just the beginning of an exciting digital future that Airtel will enable for its customers as we prepare to roll out 5G in India,” said Randeep Sekhon, CTO, Bharti Airtel.

Gaming as a career in India :

As this kind of game is easily accessible to everyone, the gaming ecosystem will mark a boost with the help of 5G. More developers will get encouraged to publish creative games without any worry about the user’s experience on smartphones. By 2022, online gamers are expected to grow to over 500 million as the current base of India’s online gamers is marked to be above 400 million along with a market potential of $2.4 billion. More opportunities could get unlocked by better internet connectivity and more.

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