AI tools can make you more productive and can add more value: Infosys CTO Rafee Tarafdar

Infosys Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Rafee Tarafdar expressed the importance of AI for today’s youth and especially how the future is going to be dominated by artificial intelligence, stating one should keep themselves updated and effectively understand the perfect utilisation of such technology.

Speaking in of the shows, namely NCR chapter, the Infosys check this out said a crucial distinction between two roles is emerging in the workforce: the consumers and the creators of AI.


Tarafdar advises focusing on becoming consumers of AI. “Because if they can use a lot of AI tools and become very proficient, then they can be much more productive and they can add a lot more value,” he said.

The CTO of India’s second-largest IT services company said graduates with deep engineering backgrounds should channel their skills toward creating AI solutions. They could fine-tune models, develop new techniques, and build AI-led solutions using existing open-source or cloud-based models.

“So if they can focus on how do we create these solutions, I think then they will become a lot more relevant for the industry,” Tarafdar said, adding then the industry could find people both on the creation as well as on the consumption side, who could be “very meaningful”.