Adobe gets Figma over a record deal of 20 billion dollars

Adobe cuts a deal to take over Figma so that the company can introduce new features in its toolkit which would be available for its employees.

Adobe Inc. has acceded to the deal where it agrees to buy a teach startup Figma Inc. for a record deal of 20 billion dollars as the company plans on expanding its toolkit that is currently available to its customers for professional designing.

The Adobe announcement, which is split equally between cash and shares, confirms a previous Bloomberg report and would be the largest buyout of a private software business in history. About 7% of Adobe’s shares decreased in premarket trading. Figma, which enables users to collaborate on software while it is being developed, increased during the epidemic as more individuals worked from home. In recent years, the firm has expanded its clientele beyond software designers at major corporations like Airbnb Inc., Google, Herman Miller Inc., and Kimberly-Clark Corp. to include those who create lightweight presentations, games, and maps.


Since the beginning of the year, Adobe’s shares have lost more than a third of their value, despite having been a Wall Street darling for more than ten years. The dominance of Adobe’s line of design professionals’ products, which accounts for around 60% of its sales, has raised investor scepticism.

Figma was co-founded by Dylan Field and Evan Wallace who had formed a start-up which provided tools to software developers to make their designs more user-friendly and accessible. It allowed the developers to work together in real-time and submit the work without waiting for approval all day, it tried to make their work simpler. Circling the matter Bloomsberg analyst said that the company was confident in its approach towards the takeover and that the takeover will improve Adobe stock position.