ABx Group’s Alcore subsidiary revolutionizes Aluminium Industry with innovative Fluorine recovery Technology

ABx Group’s Alcore subsidiary has commissioned a pilot reactor for fluorine recovery, marking a significant step towards environmental stewardship and Australia’s self-sufficiency in aluminium fluoride production.

ABx Group’s Alcore subsidiary has set a new benchmark in the aluminium industry by successfully commissioning a pilot reactor for fluorine recovery from industrial waste. This innovative move not only signifies a leap forward in sustainable manufacturing practices but also positions Australia on the path to self-sufficiency in aluminium fluoride production, reducing the nation’s reliance on international supplies.

The core of ABx Group’s pioneering approach lies in the deployment of a bath pilot reactor, engineered to extract fluorine from aluminium smelting by-products. Recent test runs have shown promising outcomes, with the reactor functioning efficiently and indicating potential for increased fluorine yield through further enhancements. This achievement underscores ABx Group’s commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.


Despite facing initial setbacks, including lower-than-anticipated fluorine recoveries in some test runs, ABx Group remains undeterred. The company is actively addressing challenges by harnessing new technologies, such as a pilot-scale ball mill and ultrasonic vibrating screen, to achieve optimal feed particle sizes for the reactor. These efforts are crucial for the production of hydrogen fluoride from bath waste, a key component in aluminium fluoride production.

ABx Group’s fluorine recovery project is not just about technological refinement; it’s a strategic initiative to bolster Australia’s aluminium industry. Currently, the country heavily depends on imported aluminium fluoride, primarily from China, despite being a major bauxite miner and aluminium exporter. ABx’s efforts to enhance fluorine recovery are pivotal in fostering an ecosystem where Australia can produce its aluminium fluoride, enhancing national security in aluminium production.

The implications of ABx Group’s fluorine recovery project extend beyond environmental sustainability and industrial efficiency. It sets a precedent for the aluminium industry worldwide, showcasing a visionary approach to modern manufacturing challenges. By reducing dependency on international aluminium fluoride supplies, Australia secures its position in the global aluminium market and takes a significant step towards achieving self-reliance in its industrial supply chains.

As ABx Group continues to refine and expand its fluorine recovery operations, the future looks promising for Australia’s aluminium sector. With strategic partnerships in the pipeline and ongoing improvements to fluorine yield, the company is well on its way to becoming a key player in Australia’s industrial landscape, driving innovation, sustainability, and security in equal measure.