Ways to ward off negativity by Dr Aarti Dahiya

Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down, confining us to the four walls of home. Though social distancing is important to ensure safety, it has affected our mental health and filled us with negative feelings.

Dr Aarti Dahiya, an Astrologer and Vastu consultant, explains the best way to overcome all the negative vibes. “The first and most essential step towards positivity is meditation,” says Aarti, adding, “It not only improves your concentration power but also helps in calming you down and making your mentally strong.”


She continues, “It is also advised to burn aroma candles regularly and place gangajal in the North-West corner of your house as it helps in draining out the unseen black energy from our system.”

Aarti further suggests that it’s better to avoid a round dining table for having your meals. This might attract negativity to your home and your life. “Burning seven cloves every Saturday evening will also help in maintaining a positive environment,” she states.

Talking about some basic activities that are of great help in warding off negative energies, Aarti says, “First and foremost, it’s important that you keep your toilets hygienic and fragrant. Make sure you clean them every day. Secondly, try and use lemongrass aroma oil in your diffusers. Avoid putting green and blue curtains in your home. These simple steps will do great wonders.”

Towards the end, she suggests cleaning your house with saltwater on Saturdays. “While doing that, ensure that the salt has been completely wiped out,” she concludes.