Top five inspiring books by Indian author which you must read

We will present to you the list of the top five inspiring books by Indian author.

There are many inspirational books written by our Indian authors. If you are a curious reader, then we will share with you the top five books which you must read.

Top Five Inspirational books by Indian Authors


1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Robin Sharma beautifully wrote this masterpiece. This book tells about someone who is trying to self-discover themselves. The book contains a story about Julian Mantle who is on a journey to become a monk after living a life of a lawyer. This inspiring book explains how to explore the soul and make a connection with others here.

2. God of Small Things

It was written by Arundhati Roy. This book is about two sisters in their life who have experienced unfortunate events. The book can boost your self-morale and embrace your journey in human life. By reading God of Small Things will make you realise ‘Change is inevitable and acceptance is the key, the better you learn it, the faster you will grow.’

3. I Have A Dream

This book was written by Rashmi Bansal. The book tells about the hurdles faced by the entrepreneurs when they were chasing their dreams which later came true. The story of this book explains real-life situations and challenges faced by each one. It also provides moral values and ethics to inspire the budding entrepreneur.

4. Tiya – A Parrot’s Journey Home

This book was written by Samarpan. The book’s theme is about how a parrot as a bird lives its life and faces different challenges. The same is with the other birds as they are always asked to leave their home tree.

5. Triggers and Insights

This book was written by Harish Ramman. The author gives lessons on various areas of life like spirituality, relationships, work and life in general. This book explains the shift that one desires and deserves. The book will provide you with the best guidance on a journey called the life of your transformation.