Jay and Karishma’s startup Herb Island is defining the personal care game with its raw and natural products

Herb Island is a young cosmetics & personal care brand built on foundations of experimentation & creativity. Formed in 2016 by Jay and Karishma with focus on using raw, organic & farm-fresh ingredients and enriching lives with quality exclusively effective products.

The journey began in 2014 when Jay & Lara met in Perth, Australia. Both enjoyed exploring the fascinating countryside of Australia, which led to ideation & birth of a clean beauty brand. Obsessed with using natural ingredients and their effects on hair & skin, they would research and source the most effective herbs from local farmers’ market. With an overwhelming response from friends & family to their unique products, Jay established a company in Perth, dedicated to further his interests in the research and development of innovative products.


In 2016, Jay moved back to India and met Karishma, who shared a similar passion for natural beauty products and were quietly ambitious too. An innovation kitchen was established to craft handmade products, located on an organic farm with herbs and plants available to produce some of their most popular products like Vitamin C skincare range. To this mix of the enthusiastic and knowledgeable duo, they roped in a renowned cosmetic chemist, Dr Hirpara, who came with more than 20 years of experience in beauty products. They adopted high standards in terms of sourcing ingredients and innovative techniques to represent their young brand ideology of fresh ingredients combined to create potent blends, offering clean formulations free from harmful ingredients like Sulphates, Parabens, Petrolatum fillers & more. While using newly harvested herbs from their organic farm & sourcing efficacious ingredients from around the globe, their products have won many hearts of conscious buyers.

Fecund and free in their creativity, the trio has now established a full-scale production facility, built on the principles of keeping products raw & clean. Their ethics & efforts to bring about a revolution in the beauty industry have made products like ‘Neem Crush Face Cleanser’ an anti-acne wonder and freshly juiced ‘Forest Berries Shampoo’, a cult among beauty enthusiasts. More of such products from Herb Island are available on their website & various e-commerce platforms, delivering globally.