Increasing Stamina and Productivity the Ayurvedic way by Dr. Bioveda

Ayurveda is the science of life and one of the oldest medical systems that has lived in the roots of India since ages. With a holistic approach to health and personalized medicine, it consists of thousands of medical concepts and hypothesis that the whole world has been benefiting from. If we talk about its comparison to allopathic treatment, it is more effective in treating most of the chronic diseases, which is why today, the Ayurvedic lifestyle is getting as adaptable as possible; People are now moving towards living a life that is naturally led with the help of this holistic approach.

As far as the firms are concerned, many of them are manufacturing Ayurveda products to offer people medical solutions the natural way and only a few of them have well-established research infrastructure for exclusive research in the field. One such example – The Imperim formula by Dr. Bioveda is an ayurvedic product specifically designed to support male healthy hormonal function and improve overall health and energy. This formula can be used as a general tonic to increase stamina, decrease fatigue, and improve vitality. It supports the production of nitric oxide (NO) that affects neurotransmission, memory, pulmonary hypertension, mitochondria biogenesis and blood vessel dilation. It also helps elevate the level of testosterone and restores body vital functions. Other than this, some more benefits are: Reverses the Signs of Aging Natural, Proactive Advanced Bio-Availability Age-Defying Complex, Advanced Bio-availability, Age-Defying Complex , Fight Oxidative Stress etc.


Ayurveda support the ideas of self-healing and the use of herbal treatment, which are equally important in this Indian traditional system of medicine. For the most part, people have believed that allopathic treatments are the solution to treat diseases, but Ayurveda has always outdone itself with the results. In addition to this, the prominence of Ayurveda as a business has also grown over the years – Some would say that it has made a much needed comeback!