Celebrated Diabetic Chef, Harsh Kedia sheds facts on the reality of sugar free chocolates; to penetrate in that market

Harsh Kedia, an all rounder, who is commonly referred as the Diabetic Chef will be soon introducing a line of actual sugar free chocolates in the market. The entrepreneur turned author has been conducting a huge research since a long time, while stuck at home in this pandemic. And his findings would shock the diet freaks who have been consuming adulterated chocolates do far.

Harsh has been reading about chocolates as a part of his competitive analysis and feels sad at a conclusion. He alleged that majority of dark chocolates are not healthy as they constitutes approx 30-40% of sugar in it. He also highlights the use of high amount of Maltitol, a substitute of sugar that can be dangerous if used in heavy proportions. He also highlights that sugar-free as well as keto chocolates are not good for diabetics because of the whey and fat content in them.

Harsh advices chocolate lovers to be cautious while hogging their favourite chocolates. He says, “A lot or your regular bingeing chocolates have 70% sugar or less and the rest vegetable oils that never get digested in your system. Please be cautious while you consume. What looks healthy is not and due to lack of research we ignore these facts.”

With the help of food scientists, doctors and nutritionists, Mr. Harsh Kedia’s Chocolate Factory is tempering something that will be released in the market soon. They are vegan and the only diabetic friendly chocolates approved by medical practitioners to hit the Indian market.

Well, we hope we get to much on these healthy treats soon.

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