Benefits of Google Classroom and how to use it

Google Classroom is a free web based platform that has made taking online classes easier for teachers. They can share documents via Google drive which can be edited with Google docs or sheet, fix schedule with Google calender etc.

What are the benefits of Google Classroom


Assignments :

The teacher can create new assignments for students and upload them. Students get the notification for the assignment. After completing , they turn in it and the teacher gives grades.


If the teacher type an announcement in Google Classroom, all the students get e-mail notification.

Materials :

Teachers can upload necessary documents for the students to read when they are convenient.

Student’s participation :

Students can interact with the teacher as well as fellow students by commenting on the assignments or notifications. They can communicate through e-mail via classroom also.

How to Use Google Classroom as a teacher

1) Visit Sign in and fill in the form.
2) Select the role of teacher.
3) Create class by adding appropriate title, description, section, subject and room.
4) A class code is generated. Invite your student in the classroom by using the code.