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Astrology tips for Rakshabandhan by Dr. Aarti Dahiya


We all know that going through the COVID-19 phase is not really going well, even if the lockdown is over now. Things will definitely take time to settle in and come back to normal but till then, we all need to be extra careful about our hygiene and sanitation.

In this situation, it is going to be a struggle for all, especially in a country like India, where the array of festivities has just begun with Rakshabandhan approaching soon.

“It is advised to not rush out of your house unnecessarily as it is the peak time to get infected, so stay home and watch movies with your family. Enjoy the festivities with great meals together,” suggests Dr. Aarti Dahiya, an Astrologer and Vastu consultant.

Also, to make people feel home, she says that we should try and connect with our virtual friends who are not with their family right now and celebrate with them too.

Talking about positivity, Dr. Aarti comments, “Any festival in our country comes with immense joy and an opportunity to create hundreds of beautiful moments with our dear ones.”

“….Not a problem if you are away from your family and you will sad to spend Rakshabandhan all by yourself, I would suggest you indulge in some spiritual or social deed, which would help you cater to some positivity and the festive vibe,” she adds.

But for the people who can manage to send rakhis and gifts to each other, here are a few suggestions:

“If you want to bring prosperity and happiness in your sisters’ life, you can give them any dress with a light shade of green or off white,” Dr. Aarti suggests.

Furthermore, she also says that gifting sisters a golden watch or an off-white colour wallet with some money in it can be a few ideal gifts.

And for the sisters, Dr. Aarti lists down gifts like white coloured clothes for brothers’ prosperity, silver and golden combination watch or gifting Lord Rama to bring growth in their brothers’ lives