WWE SummerSlam 2021: Roman Reigns beats John Cena via pinfall as Brock Lesnar makes a shocking return to the ring

The Beast Incarnate made a shocking return to stun Roman Reigns and the entire WWE universe as John Cena loses to Roman Reigns in WWE’s pay per view Summerslam.

The 16 time WWE champion John Cena had gone out to wrestle against the former WWE Universal Champion and two time Royal Rumble winner Roman Reigns in WWE’s biggest pay-per view, Summerslam which was held in Allegiant Stadium, Nevada on 22nd September 2021. It all started with the Doc of Thuganomics making an eventful return to WWE’s Money in the Bank to shock the entire crowd present, as fans showered his return with excitement and love. He came back after 2 years, only to take back what he deserves the Universal Champion. Roman Reigns confronted Cena for a match as he said no earlier but two-weeks back on Smackdown Live, moments before Barin Corbin was about to sign the contract, John Cena returned and ended up signing the contract sending shockwaves to the entire WWE universe as the crowd was electrifying with Roman Reigns making an enormous statement that if he Loses, he will leave WWE. The match between Cena vs Reigns was confirmed by WWE.


The match started with Roman Reigns doing a couple of punches as Cena grapples and hits him on his knee before both men were down. John Cena drove the head of the table with his Attitude Adjustment and almost defeated him, in what would be history in WWE but Roman Reigns kicked out. He also dropped Roman Reigns on his back with the same maneuver off the second rope.

The moment followed a strong showing from Reigns, who absorbed three Attitude Adjustments from Cena before making sure to retain the title with plenty of grit. The roughest of the three came when Reigns stalked Cena on the outside of the ring and sprinted toward the legend looking for a spear only for Cena to scoop him up in the AA and crash him through the broadcast table. That allowed Cena to get a near pin-fall.

Cena got another near pin-fall by dropping Reigns off the second rope with another AA. But, again, Reigns kicked out, refusing to lose to Cena. After a brief exchange of punches, Reigns used a modified Superman punch to take Cena off his feet and measure him up for a spear. Soon after Roman Reigns defeated Cena by giving him a Superman punch followed by Spear his celebration was minimised to see a monumental and shocking return by none other than the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar, as the crowd went wild and electrifying as there were huge cheers and chants made in the Allegiant Stadium.

The return of Brock Lesnar was absolutely unbelievable and shocking which made Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman nothing to speak about. However, after Summerslam went off the air, Lesnar destroyed John Cena. This was after The Beast Incarnate took Cena for a ride to Suplex City in a dark segment.