CM Punk returns to the ring with his debut at AEW Rampage

CM Punk fans are delighted to see him in the ring again. He is currently competing in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). It was his debut match in AEW Rampage.

The American professional wrestler CM Punk is back. In All Elite Rampage (AEW), has made his debut. Nobody would have expected that he will return in this way. Also, his fans thought he is not going to fight in the ring in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Rampage after he had a little heated talk with the owner of the AEW, Tony Khan this summer.

He made his debut in AEW just to see how this AEW grew up and also he wanted a new experience. The 42-year old, two-time WWE Champion made a blistering return in the wrestling ring, shocking his fans by playing his first match in All Elite Wrestling Rampage. He is back in pro wrestling after seven long years.


His fans got emotional after seeing him back after 7 years and they became even more emotional when the former five-time World Champion holds the mic in his hand and said he is back only because of his fans.

“August 20, 2021, I’m back, and I’m back for you!” he told the crowd. “I’m back because I want to work with that young talent [in AEW]. I’m back because I’ve got a couple of scores to settle.” CM Punk told in the TNT channel before the start of the AEW Rampage match.