Big E, Edge, Asuka: WWE Draft 2021 Preview

It has recently been confirmed that the 2021 WWE draft will take place on October 1, with the first round taking place live on an episode of Friday Night SmackDown, before commencing on the following episode of Monday Night RAW on October 4.

The draft is always one of the best opportunities for the company to revisit what has happened over the last year or so and give themselves an opportunity to change things up that may have gone stale or potentially simply look to go into a new direction with some of the superstars that are on their rosters.


With storylines playing just as big as a role as the action that takes place between the ropes, there is a need for the WWE to continue to ensure that they provide their audiences with the very best that they can to keep them as attracted to the promotion as much as possible, especially as there are a number of other promotions starting to compete within professional wrestling.

Indeed, the 2021 WWE draft will provide the company to do this, though, as they can look to balance out any imbalances that they may have, as it could be argued that one show’s roster is more stacked than another, whilst also giving superstars from NXT the chance to perform on the biggest brands possible.

With the event being one of the biggest to take place on the calendar each year with fans of the sport and those who get involved with WWE betting because of the endless possibilities that can happen, there are a number of different moves that can potentially happen over the course of that weekend.

Big E to RAW

After cashing in his Money In The Bank contract against Bobby Lashley on RAW on September 13 to become the WWE Champion, it would make complete sense to see Big E make a return to Monday nights. In fact, it would not be a surprise to see him be the very first pick of the draft on October 1.

There are many WWE fans who would have loved to see this move take place regardless of whether he won the title, as it would potentially mean he would reunite with his former stable members, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston as The New Day.

Switching him to the red brand would also allow for him and Lashley to continue a feud and potentially put on some classic matches as the pair go against each other for the title.

Asuka to SmackDown

Despite the fact that Asuka has had a number of different title reigns during her time in the WWE, she is one of the biggest superstars currently within the company that needs a change of scenery.

Indeed, this could be good for her as it seems the company do not have a place for her on RAW at the moment, and although her contests with Charlotte have always typically been very good, fans will need to see something different in order to remain interested in her character.

A return from a rumored injury to the blue brand could be the best move for her and the WWE, as she could start programs with the likes of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch or even Bianca Belair. The fact that there are a number of names there means she could have a couple of interesting storylines to play a role in.

Edge to RAW

There is not much that Edge has not managed to accomplish in the WWE over the two spells he had with the company, but it would seem that he is also in need of a change of scenery at this stage of his career.

Whilst competing on SmackDown for much of 2021, he has already managed to participate in a number of feuds and there is not much more he can do with the blue brand. However, moving him to the red brand and there will be a lot fans can expect to see.

The Rated R Superstar has spoken about his desire to work with a number of the talent already on Monday nights, whilst adding a person of his appeal and his legacy would only benefit RAW greatly.