World Athletics U20 Championships postponed, Indian athletes face a flight delay

World Athletics U20 Championships has been postponed by a day, meanwhile Indian athletes had to face some tense moments in the Delhi airport.


The World Athletics U20 championships which will be held in Nairobi was supposed to start on Tuesday but has been rescheduled. It will, now, start a day later on Wednesday, 18th of August. However, there has been no change in the closing date, which is the 22nd of August.

The organisation stated that that the full competition will now be finished within five days, instead of five and a half days and there will be minimal impact on the athletes participating from around 100+ countries, which include India.

The Indian athletes, meanwhile, had to face problems in the New Delhi Airport, while they were preparing to fly to Nairobi, via Doha. The officials from the airline, through which they are flying to Doha, asked for a letter from the Kenyan Health Ministry which shows that they are allowed to fly.

A coach within the team said that they have shown the invitation from World Athletics and every athlete has been given individual QR codes from the Kenyan Health Ministry but the flight officials did not accept it.

Later, the problem was sorted out and their flight got delayed. They were allowed to travel to Doha and the team reached Nairobi on Sunday. The contingent consists of 17 boys and 10 girls. There are many medal hopefuls such as Priya Mohan, Shaili Singh, Kunwer Ajay Singh Rana, the 4 x 400m relay team etc.