Why Tiger Woods is no longer wearing his iconic TW logo

Walk onto nearly any golf course or country club, and chances are you’ll spot Tiger Woods’ iconic TW logo on at least one hat or shirt.

Since its debut in 2000, just ahead of the Tiger Slam, Woods’ emblem has become one of the most recognizable symbols in golf. For years, Woods sported the logo himself.


However, as Woods prepares for the 2024 U.S. Open, fans will notice a new look from the legendary golfer. In January, Woods ended his 27-year partnership with Nike and teamed up with TaylorMade to launch the new Sun Day Red brand.

This partnership brings more than just a fresh line of clothing for Woods’ fans; it introduces new logos and a departure from the TW emblem.


Why Won’t Woods Be Wearing the TW Logo Anymore?

The TW logo, while synonymous with Tiger Woods, is actually owned and trademarked by Nike. This ownership means Woods cannot wear the TW logo even if he wanted to. However, Woods seems more than ready to move on.

“I don’t want it back,” Woods stated in an April press conference. “I’ve moved on. This is a transition in my life. I’ve moved on to Sun Day Red, and we’re looking forward to building a brand that elicits excitement and is transformative.”

The new Sun Day Red brand features a tiger logo that, while lacking Woods’ initials, still symbolizes his storied career. The tiger on the Sun Day Red clothing has 15 stripes, each representing one of Woods’ major wins. Should he win another, the logo might evolve to reflect that.

“At the heart of Sun Day Red’s ethos is a logo that tells a story,” Sun Day Red said in a release. “It’s a narrative of Tiger’s incredible achievements, a visual tribute to a career that has inspired millions. But the designs go further, embedding Easter eggs for the fans, including a 15-striped tiger emblem representing his 15 major wins.”

Although the new brand will be officially launched on May 1, 2024, Woods will likely start wearing the new gear when he tees off on Thursday.

Stay updated with live scores and highlights from Woods’ performance at the 2024 U.S. Open, and watch as he dons his new Sun Day Red attire, marking a significant new chapter in his illustrious career.


Why did Tiger Woods leave Nike?

Speculation that Tiger Woods might leave Nike had been swirling since December 2023, and on January 8, 2024, Woods officially announced his split from the company after 27 years.

There has been some conjecture that Nike might be considering an exit from the golf industry altogether. Apex Marketing Group president Eric Smallwood suggested that the split isn’t about Woods nearing the end of his career. “Why is Nike separating from Woods, who has been a long-time brand ambassador for the brand? It could be that Nike is looking to get out of the golf business,” Smallwood told CNN. “Nike used to sell golf balls and clubs with its logo and that ended. It still sells golf clothing and footwear.”

J. Butler Golf founder Joshua Butler echoed this sentiment, noting Nike’s gradual retreat from golf products. He also highlighted Woods’ business acumen and his interest in exploring new ventures. “It’s not that Nike has done anything wrong, it’s not that Tiger Woods may not necessarily be happy with his relationship with Nike for the last 27 years, but this is a golden opportunity to go after a younger crowd, to go after individuals who aren’t rich that want to play the game,” Butler said to CNN. “Tiger understands that, the importance of what he’s meant to the golf industry as well as to people of color. That’s why I think this is such a monumental shift right now.”

As Woods transitions to his new partnership with TaylorMade and the launch of his Sun Day Red brand, he is seizing the opportunity to redefine his legacy and reach a broader audience. This move signifies not just a shift in brand affiliation, but also a strategic step towards engaging with a more diverse and inclusive demographic in the golfing world.