Why MLB investigated umpire Pat Hoberg for gambling

In the midst of a season riddled with gambling scandals, MLB’s latest probe has focused on umpire Pat Hoberg, who has been disciplined for violations related to gambling activities. The investigation, which began during the 2024 spring training, led MLB to remove Hoberg from officiating any games this season after concerns arose about his conduct. Hoberg, known for his career in umpiring that began in 2017 and included a notable moment calling a “perfect game” during the 2022 World Series, has been under scrutiny by the league for several months.

According to reports from Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich of The Athletic, MLB concluded its investigation on June 14, 2024, determining that while there was no evidence of Hoberg compromising or manipulating games he officiated, disciplinary action was still deemed necessary. MLB’s statement clarified their stance: despite the absence of evidence linking game outcomes to Hoberg’s actions, the violations warranted disciplinary measures. Hoberg has opted to appeal MLB’s decision, and the appeal will be heard by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred.


The league’s statement underscores their commitment to maintaining the integrity of the game, despite the absence of evidence implicating Hoberg in match-fixing. As the appeal process unfolds, more details may emerge regarding the specific nature of the violations and MLB’s stance on gambling policies moving forward.