Why Bryson DeChambeau is wearing LIV Golf logo during PGA Championship

As golf continues its journey into commercialization, players’ attire increasingly serves as a canvas for corporate branding rather than traditional golfing motifs. Among PGA Tour pros like Tiger Woods, Jake Knapp, and Cameron Young, their outfits are not just adorned with symbols of the game itself but also prominently feature logos of their sponsors.

However, Bryson DeChambeau stands out not for the usual corporate logos on his gear but for a striking emblem adorning his hat: a skull positioned atop two smashed golf tees. This distinctive design sets him apart from his peers whose apparel typically showcases more conventional insignias.


DeChambeau’s unconventional choice of logo sparks curiosity and raises questions about its symbolism and significance within the context of his image and brand. Here’s a closer look at what makes DeChambeau’s distinctive coat of arms such an attention-grabbing feature in the world of golf fashion.


Bryson DeChambeau hat logo, LIV Golf team

Bryson DeChambeau’s bold emblem, proudly displayed on his gear, represents his allegiance to the Crushers, the team he has been a part of since making the move from the PGA Tour to the LIV Golf league in 2022. Alongside seasoned pros like Paul Casey, Charles Howell III, and Anirban Lahiri, DeChambeau captains the Crushers, who clinched the LIV Golf League team title in the previous season.

As part of his contract with LIV, DeChambeau not only competes but also holds a co-ownership stake in the Crushers. This contractual obligation mandates that he prominently features his team’s logo whenever he steps onto the course.

The substantial financial aspects of DeChambeau’s deal with LIV underline his motivation to showcase the Crushers’ striking crest. Reports suggesting a contract offer upwards of $125 million were shrugged off by DeChambeau as “a little low,” emphasizing the lucrative nature of his commitment.

Gone are the days of the “BD” era, characterized by silhouettes and monograms emblazoned on his attire. In 2024, it’s all about the Crushers—a team that not only represents DeChambeau’s competitive aspirations but also marks a significant chapter in the evolving landscape of professional golf.


Bryson DeChambeau sponsors

Despite Bryson DeChambeau’s status as one of golf’s most prominent figures, his journey in the realm of sponsorships has been tumultuous of late.

Notably, he parted ways with Rocket Mortgage following his move to LIV Golf, marking the end of a significant partnership. His association with LIV also sparked controversy with 9/11 Families United, who criticized DeChambeau and other LIV members for their involvement with the organization.

Previously, DeChambeau had a notable stint with Cobra-Puma, a partnership that concluded at the end of 2022. Soon after, he signed on with Avoda Golf, a company renowned for pioneering 3-D printed golf clubs—a cutting-edge technology that has garnered attention, especially following DeChambeau’s impressive performances at prestigious events like the Masters and PGA Championship.

Avoda Golf’s decision to secure DeChambeau as an endorser seems well-timed, given his recent achievements and growing influence in the sport. As “The Scientist” continues to make headlines on the course, his partnerships in the world of golf equipment and endorsements remain closely watched.