Why Braves Need to Acquire Current White Sox Outfielder at the Trade Deadline

It’s been a rough patch for the Atlanta Braves, who are currently enduring their longest losing streak of the season, now standing at four straight games. The team’s offense has hit a major slump, and it’s becoming evident that at least one position group is in dire need of a boost.

The Braves’ struggles were highlighted in their recent shutout loss to the Baltimore Orioles. This was the second time in six games they failed to score, a stark contrast to the previous 181 games where they consistently put runs on the board. Their offensive woes were further underscored when they stranded Michael Harris II on third base with no outs in the first inning, making them the first team since the Los Angeles Angels in August 2021 to be shut out following a leadoff triple.


With Ronald Acuña Jr. out for the season, key players like Austin Riley, Matt Olson, and Ozzie Albies have struggled to fill the void. However, there’s hope on the horizon as David O’Brien of The Athletic suggests a perfect trade fit that could alleviate some of Atlanta’s issues: Tommy Pham from the Chicago White Sox.

In his trade deadline preview, O’Brien discussed three White Sox players potentially on the move: center fielder Luis Robert Jr., DH Eloy Jimenez, and corner outfielder Tommy Pham. Although Robert is the most prominent name, O’Brien argues that Pham is the best fit for the Braves’ current needs.

Robert, a center fielder with two years of control remaining after 2024, doesn’t fit well with the Braves due to Michael Harris’s long-term deal, which keeps him in Atlanta through 2032. Pham, on the other hand, is a rental player with an expiring contract, making him an ideal target for Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos, who has a history of acquiring veteran outfielders to spark postseason runs, as seen in their 2021 World Series victory.

Pham boasts a career .313 batting average and an .846 OPS in the postseason, bringing a competitive edge that former teammates highly regard. According to O’Brien, “the Braves could use that right about now.” Pham is expected to return soon from a 10-day injured list stint due to a sprained ankle, making the timing perfect for the Braves to make a move.

Adding Pham could provide the much-needed jolt to the Braves’ lineup, potentially turning their season around and setting them up for a strong postseason push.