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Top 5 richest Golfers in the world and their net worth in 2022

Golf is one of the oldest sports ever without a bit of a doubt. Golf was played at first in the 15th century yet gained prominence only in the 17th century in the USA and Europe. There is a perception among individuals that this is ‘Gentlemen Only’ game anyway it is played by more than 55 million players across the world by both genders.

Like different sports, the golf championship events and tournaments organized in various parts of the world have drawn millions of fans which turned out to be a big financial success. These events have helped players as well as sponsors, employees, and other stakeholders involved in this game.

Take a look at the richest Golfers in the world.

1. Tiger Woods

Net Worth: $800 Million

Tiger Woods is the richest golfer with an expected net worth of $800 million. The legendary golfer player was ranked first in the Forbes list of richest players for record 11 times which is a major accomplishment. He is the world’s most famous golf golfer even despite the fact that he was involved in an infidelity scandal controversy in 2009.

2. Arnold Palmer

Net Worth: $700 Million

Arnold Palmer is the world’s second-richest golfer with an expected net worth of 700 million dollars. Palmer was a famous and professional American golfer who is considered to be one of the greatest golfers ever He died in 2016.

3. Greg Norman

Net Worth: $400 Million

Greg Norman is a former Australian golfer and entrepreneur. Greg was well known for winning 91 international tournaments which includes 20 PGA Tours and two majors in 1986 and 1993. He has launched his own golf course design company Greg Norman Company and likewise has his own clothing line. He is chairman and CEO of Greg Norman Company which was previously known as Great White Shark Enterprises that has business interests in interior design, real estate, wine production, and private equity.

4. Phil Mickelson

Net Worth: $400 Million

Phil Mickelson, likewise referred to by his nickname “Lefty”, is a popular American golfer. He is the fourth-richest golf player with an expected net worth of 400 million dollars. In the year 1992, he became a professional golf player and has been America’s most well-off player in the field of Golf.

5. Jack Nicklaus

Net Worth: $320 Million

Jack Nicklaus ranks 5th in our list of the World’s top 10 golf players with an expected net worth of 320 million dollars as of 2021. He is nicknamed The Golden Bear by his fans. He has won a total of 18 major championships after he turned pro golfer in the year 1961.