Zendaya’s Heartfelt Gesture Leaves Tennis Star Coco Gauff in Awe

Young tennis sensation Coco Gauff, basking in the glow of her US Open victory, has returned to the court with a triumphant start at the WTA Finals in Cancun. Gauff, who became the world No. 3 after defeating Aryna Sabalenka, showcased her prowess once again by defeating World No. 7 Ons Jabeur in a commanding 6-0, 6-1 victory.

Gauff expressed her surprise and gratitude for the overwhelming support she has received in Mexico. In a heartfelt statement, she shared, “I honestly wasn’t expecting as much support today; I know Ons has a lot of fans. I got a marriage proposal yesterday, so I’m feeling the love here in Cancun. I appreciate you guys, and hopefully, we can get a lot more people to come as the week continues. Ons is a great player, so I felt really unsteady the whole match even though it didn’t [look] like that, but I’m just happy to finally get a win here in this event.”


While Gauff confessed to not partaking in extravagant celebrations post her Flushing Meadows triumph, the tennis prodigy received an outpouring of congratulatory messages from global stars. Among these messages, one stood out – a grand gesture from the talented American actress and singer Zendaya.

Zendaya, known for her empowering roles in the entertainment industry, sent Gauff an enormous bouquet of flowers, a token of admiration and encouragement that left Gauff and her family in awe. Speaking about the heartwarming gesture, Gauff shared her excitement, stating, “I didn’t really do anything that cool after winning the US Open, to be honest. But the messages you get from celebrities are crazy. The coolest thing that happened to me was Zendaya sent me flowers to my house.”

Describing the bouquet as enormous and incredibly heavy, Gauff revealed that she and her brother struggled to lift it onto a table. The overwhelming gesture not only highlighted Zendaya’s genuine support for Gauff’s achievements but also became a symbol of female solidarity, echoing the sentiment of women empowering women.

Gauff, who is currently participating in the WTA Finals, faces another formidable opponent in former world No. 1 Iga Swiatek in the round-robin group stage. As she navigates the challenges on the court, Gauff carries with her the unwavering support of fans and celebrities alike, including the unforgettable gesture from Zendaya, reminding her of the immense backing she has in her journey to tennis greatness.