Tennis players convey their emotions on Russia-Ukraine military crisis

After Rublev and many others, Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina opens up about the condition in her country and urges everyone to come together to stop the war.


World No.15 Elina Svitolina expressed her feelings about the ongoing conflict in her country. “This is a terrible nightmare… I am praying every single minute for my people and peace”, she opened up exclusively to Sky Sports.

She said that she is keeping close contact with her friends and family regarding the tensions in the country and that she is stressed, despite being safe, about their wellbeing and safety. “It is a horrible horrible situation for the people in Ukraine”, she added, “they have to go through sleepless nights, without food and electricity and it is heartbreaking for me as well”.

Emotionally, she also said that everyone should condemn war and go for peace, as she is still trying to process the situation in disbelief. Being aware of the fact that she cannot help them or do anything about it.

Sergei Stakhovsky, the Ukrainian tennis player, who beat Roger Federer in Wimbledon, in 2013, and has family in Ukraine said that he would be willing to fight in the army despite zero military experience to Sky Sports as well.

“I don’t see the reason why the majority of my countrymen should risk their lives to send their families away while they stay back”, added the 36-year-old Ukrainian emotionally. He has been vocal about his support towards his country and the military personnel.

Elsewhere, Russian World no.2, Daniil Medvedev says he wants to promote peace all over the world along with his compatriot, Rublev, who gave a similar message about the situation following the Dubai Tennis Championship semi-final.

Rublev wrote, “no war, please” on a TV camera to highlight the horrific climate the country is going through amid the crisis.