Russian No.1 comes forward against war in an emotional statement on twitter

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova comes forward in a Twitter statement condemning the war that is tearing lives apart in Ukraine.

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, the Russian No.1 has mentioned her stance regarding the Russian-Ukraine war through her Twitter handle. She said that she is in complete fear regarding the helplessness her friends, family and most people are in during this unfortunate situation.

“But now I am not afraid to clearly state my position. I am against war and violence. Personal ambitions or political motives cannot justify violence. This takes away the future not only from us but also from our children,” read the statement. She also added that she is aware of her influence being an athlete, despite having no experience in war or politics not being a politician or public figure. but understands the depth of the situation which could be brought down by public disagreements.” Stop the violence, stop the war” she concluded.

Anastasia has pulled out of further tournaments due to her knee injury rehabilitation. She has promised to be back and continue playing but with the current sanctions against Russian athletes in leagues and tournaments around the world, her presence along with her compatriots is questionable for the foreseeable future.

The Ukraine Tennis Federation (ITF) has also come forward demanding the expulsion of Russia and Belarus from the organisation. Following the ‘unprecedented, cynical and bloody attacks on Ukraine’, ITF questioned their right to hold international competitions on their territory in a letter reviewed by Reuters, which added that the invasion of Russia was extermination. Four leading Russian players from Russia and Belarus are to play in the Indian Wells tournament next month, along with World no.1 Daniil Medvedev.

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