Roger Federer talks to Rafael Nadal ‘time to time’, happy seeing Rafa do great again

Federer and Nadal both have been suffering from health issues that often force them to stay sidelined for several events.

Roger Federer gave a positive interview to Caminada Magazine where he talked about several on the court and off-court things. The player talked about his comeback plans, his recovery stage and several other stuff.

Federer was asked about his comeback to which he replied that he is waiting for “doctors’ okay” to rise and do what he loves to do on the court. The Swiss also said he is desperately waiting to be able to hit on the court running while he prepares for a stronger return as the player has been training hard and return home in the evening exhausted. It can be seen from his social media posts that Federer has been going through a lot of training for a few weeks. It’s anticipated that he will be back at the Laver Cup this season in September.


Rafael Nadal, who also skipped several events as Federer last year due to health problems and injuries, had a fire come back this season when he won a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam title at the Australian Open defeating No. 2 Daniil Medvedev in an intense match. Federer was asked about Nadal’s situation as if “he had risen from the dead,” and if he also wants to have a stronger comeback, to which the Swiss replied, “Absolutely. It’s incredibly inspiring when someone comes back from massive health problems,” reported Caminada Magazine. 

Federer also said that he and Nadal often talk to each other. “Rafa and I talk on the phone from time to time, we talk a lot.” The 40-year-old legend also said that he was very happy to see Nadal doing great again after his unfortunate 2021 season that went mostly sidelined due to injuries.