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Rafael Nadal rules himself out of the 2021 season, will miss the US Open

Rafael Nadal will miss the rest of the 2021 season, due to a persistent left foot injury. He will miss the US Open.

Rafael Nadal has called time on his 2021 ATP tour season, due to his niggling foot injury.

Nadal has been facing problems with his left foot for quite a few months, this season. The origin of this injury can be traced back to 2005 but it has re-occurred during this season. It flared up during his semi-final against Novak Djokovic, which he lost to the Serb.

The world’s fourth-ranked tennis player suffered from a shock loss at the Washington Masters and had to withdraw from Toronto due to this persistent injury of his. He will miss the US Open due to this injury.

He tweeted on Friday about this update, saying that he will have to pull out from the 2021 season. He continued saying that he needs to find a solution to his problem as he has been suffering for a year, or at least improve on it so that he can play more tennis.

He adds that he will try, with his maximum determination, to recover at his best possible shape and will do whatever it takes to do that so that he can compete again.

He ended with, “I’m convinced that with the recovery of the foot and obviously a very important daily effort… this can be achieved. I will work as hard as I can to make it happen.”

Along with the Spaniard, his rival and fellow 20 time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer also ruled himself out of the 2021 season, for a knee surgery that will sideline him for several months.

For now, we will not see them both for quite a long time and it will be very hard to replace them.