PETA sends letter to Amul, demanding to pull off advertisement featuring Novak Djokovic as the tennis champ is vegan

PETA & Amul are again on the Twitter battlefield but this time the war has a connection with tennis champ Novak Djokovic

PETA India has sent a letter to Amul demanding, to remove the advertisement showcasing French Open 2020 champion Novak Djokovic as he is vegan & does not consume dairy products.

Amul, the dairy giant always comes up with some unique advertisements related to the current world scenario. On 14th June 2021, Amul released an advertisement congratulating Novak Djokovic for winning the French Open.


According to the statement released by PETA on their site “The advertisement is deceptive, because Djokovic is vegan (plant-based) and therefore does not consume dairy.” This is not the first time when PETA has slammed Amul, last year Amul has featured Oscar awarded actor Joaquin Phoenix in their advertisement, who is also vegan.

The letter sent to Amul by PETA also points out the benefits of being vegan & how the athletes on a vegan diet perform much better than others. Recently PETA had filed a plea to allow the use of Plant-based Milk or Vegan Milk instead of dairy milk, but the plea was rejected.

Image credit: Petaindia Instagram

Many athletes & celebrities including Lewis Hamilton, Alex Morgan & the pride of the Indian Football team Sunil Chhetri prefer a plant-based diet.