Novak Djokovic explains his son Stefan’s forehand moves impersonating Rafael Nadal

Djokovic has currently reached the quarterfinals of the Wimbledon 2022 Championships and will pkay against Jannik Sinner.


A post has been going viral in the tennis world which is also posted by Novak Djokovic on Facebook tagging his wife Jelena Djokovic captioned “so cool to see this”. The Serbian was seen playing with his son on grass last week which was hugely appreciated by the fans due to Stefan’s ability to his brilliant moves. The pictures were also shared by the Wimbledon official account.

Meanwhile, while the 20-tikes Grand Slam champion spends some quality time with his son, the player from Serbia admits Djokovic explained those forehand moves that look like Rafael Nadal. In a recent interview, Djokovic discussed his son’s forehand preference and why he is advising Stefan to switch it up and play a more conventional forehand. Overall, he is relishing the enjoyable times he has on the court with his son. “He likes to do it. He likes to intimidate me by ending the swing like that,” said Djokovic as reported by Sportskeeda. He further said his seven-year-old son is in love with tennis.

Over the years, Nadal has enjoyed tremendous success thanks to his renowned whip forehand with the follow-through that goes over his head. Stefan appears to be making shots quite similar to his father’s fiercest competitor.