No ATP & WTA points at Wimbledon Championships 2022

Wimbledon recently announced the banning of players from Russia and Belarus from participating in this year’s championships.

Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) have decided to not award points to this year’s Wimbledon Championships in response to banning players from Russia and Belarus who were prohibited to participate in this year’s grass-court Grand Slam following the invasion of Ukraine. The decision was criticised by both, ATP and WTA as players work hard to gain those points and maintain their rankings.

The decision by both the tennis governing bodies was taken in response to support and have their stance on their “fundamental principle” to not be an example of favouring “discrimination based on nationality” all around the world. Also, they will continue to “reject” anything that supports such discrimination against players based on their nationality.


Meanwhile, Wimbledon continues with its statement even after the removal of the ranking points. The organisers of the Grand Slam expressed “deep disappointment” but they started that this didn’t result in any changes in prohibiting the Russian and Belarusian players.