I would be in Jail if I did what Alexander Zverev did in Acapulco: Serena Williams

Zverev was thrown out of a tournament for “unsportsmanlike conduct” at the Mexican Open.

Serena Williams, the 23 time Grand Slam Champion says there is absolutely a double standard in the game. Williams said she would have faced a far harsher punishment if she had been involved in similar behaviour to Alexander Zverev. Top-seeded was thrown out of a tournament for “unsportsmanlike conduct”.

The former world Number 1, Serena Williams said to Christiane Amanpour the reporter at CNN that she would probably be in jail if she did that with no joke. She further added, she was actually on Probation once but declined with a chuckle, when Christiane inquired about to discuss. She continued saying, “you see that double standard on the tour when you see other things happening, like, wait if I had done that?”


Last week, the world number 3, Alexander Zverev during an Acapulco doubles game had a major outburst, as he started hurling obscenities as well as calling the chair umpire an idiot. Zverev was kicked out of the 500th event of ATP held in Acapulco, Mexico. After he repeatedly smashed his racket against the chair of the umpire as after a defeat in doubles.

Alexander was later for incident fined $40,000, in which he came perilously close to hitting, Alessandro Germani the match umpire.