Best events to bet on Tennis


Tennis is often considered one of the most famous sports in the world. Although it’s not as famous in India as cricket or football, it has acquired quite a sizable fanbase within the country. Thousands of fans play or bet on different events held throughout the year.

With the gradual lifting of the COVID-19 quarantine, more and more sporting events have been reactivated, and tennis is no exception. So, if you’re looking for events to place bets on, keep reading because here we’ll show you some of the most important tennis events you don’t want to miss.


Wimbledon is a British tournament that’s the third of the four biggest tournaments organized by the ITF during the year, with prize money of $2.46 million (£2 million) for the winner of the Singles event.

Wimbledon stands out among other tennis tournaments for its special rules, which state that all participants must wear full white gear and bow or curtsy if the Queen or the Prince of Wales is present in the event.

US Open

The U.S Open Tennis Championships is the fourth tournament of the year organized by the ITF, and many fans consider it the last big tournament of the year. The players said the US Open would compete on a hardcourt with the winner of the singles winning the big prize of $2,500,000.

Davis Cup

The Davis Cup is the biggest competition for men’s tennis run by the ITF and is often referred to as the “World Cup of Tennis.” This competition comprises various teams from 133 different countries who compete throughout the year to qualify for the World Group, composed of 18 teams. The Davis Cup-winning team is commonly called the “World Champion Team.”

Billie Jean King Cup

The Billie Jean King Cup, or “Federation Cup” as it was known, is the equal of the Davis Cup for women’s tennis. It’s the largest team competition, with a total of 99 teams from different countries around the world. 

Wrapping Up

After spending two years with very few events due to the pandemic, it’s good to see sports return to normal with big events not only for tennis but for cricket fans as well.

Cricket will also get many events to bet on this year, so if you’re interested, we invite you to find out here for some advice on cricket betting and the latest information on it. We hope this guide has helped you with where you can begin tennis betting and perhaps take a look into cricket betting, too.

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