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Australian Open draw delayed as Novak Djokovic’s Visa situation in air

No decision has yet been taken on Novak Djokovic’s visa said Scott Morrison the Australian PM.


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday his government is yet to decide on whether to cancel the tennis star Novak Djokovic’s visa or not.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s previous statement that he is considering whether to tear up the visa “has not changed”, Morrison said in a news conference in Canberra on the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Australian Prime minister emphasized that it was a decision for Alex to take, and did not add further to his comments.

Djokovic landed in Melbourne expecting to win a 10th Australian Open title on January 5.


Djokovic (34) who is unvaccinated carried a vaccine exemption because of a positive PCR test on December 16.
He was put in a detention centre after the Border agents said that having a recent infection is not a reason to take the vaccine and tore his visa

But Novak who is against mandatory vaccines to participate in the tournament had his powerful legal team overturn the decision on his visa in court on Monday regarding his airport interview.

Djokovic is a very strong contender and one of the favourites to clinch the Australian Open, After a disappointing end to his Olympics both in the single and mixed doubles category, he would be ready for a challenge and start the new year on a high note.
But his participation remains in the air, time will tell whether he is granted the visa or not.