Sports Ministry appoints Aveenash Pandoo as first HPD for weightlifting

Aveenash Pandoo gets appointed as the first High-Performance Director for Weightlifting.


Mauritian Aveenash Pandoo has been chosen as the first High-Performance Director (HPD) for Weightlifting by the Sports ministry till the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The Sports Authority of India’s foreign coach selection committee and officials of the Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWF)  recommended Aveenash Pandoo for the position. According to SAI, his stipend will be $54000 (approx. Rs 40.50 lakh).

The HPD’s major purpose is to focus on the growth of Junior talents. To keep an eye on the 2028 Olympics to build a strong coaching structure that would help the country in producing international champions.

He is a Mauritian settled in South Africa who will come to India with experience for coaching for more than two decades in South Africa and Indonesia. Previously as a role of HPD, Aveensah Pandoo was influential in supporting two Indonesian lifters to win medals in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero.

IWF President, Sahdev Yadav said that the appointment will provide the energy needed in sports. Aveenash Pandoo also said that he is thrilled to take responsibility as India’s first HPD for weightlifting. He further added that he is confident to give his incredible performance and shower his best experience over the youth, especially in the junior department by assisting them well and developing their performances.

Aveenash Pandoo is also expected to assist coach development programmes for about a hundred coaches and referee development programmes for about sixty referees every year.

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