Sonam Malik responds to her notice by the WFI as they still await Vinesh Phogat’s reply

The Indian wrestlers Sonam Malik and Vinesh Phogat were suspended by the WFI and have issued notice to both the athletes. Sonal Malik has apologized to the federation while they are yet to hear from Vinesh.

Sonam Malik on Friday reacted to the notice she had received from the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) for misconduct. The 19-year-old wrestler has conveyed that she will not repeat the mistake. Vinesh Phogat too is in the mix against the furious sports body on three separate counts.

“These kids think, they have become star wrestlers and are entitled to do anything. Before leaving for Tokyo either Sonam or her family are supposed to collect their passport from the WFI office. But she ordered Sports Authority of India (SAI) officials to collect on her behalf. This is not acceptable. They have achieved nothing and are showing attitude. This will not be accepted,” said the official of WFI to PTI.


Vinesh Phogat has come out about her mental trauma that she has been going through post her  Olympics run suffering a defeat by fall against Vanesa Kaladzinskaya of Belarus but it has not yet convinced the WFI. She publicly stated that she may have second thoughts about returning to the mat following her suspension. 

The three counts on which led to the suspension of Vinesh by the WFI were that she decided not to stay in a room with her teammates at the Games village. The second count against Vinesh was her choosing not to train with the other Indian wrestlers. The final count stated by the WFI was due to Vinesh’s choice to wear a Nike singlet for her bouts and not the one provided by India’s official kit supplier.

“She can’t compete in any national or other domestic event until she files a reply and WFI takes a final decision,” said a WFI source according to PTI.