Will Kylian Mbappe need surgery on broken nose and will he return at Euro 2024?

France is gearing up to make a serious run for the Euro 2024 crown, with all eyes fixed on the mercurial talent of Kylian Mbappe. At just 25, Mbappe’s name is synonymous with football greatness, though his lackluster performance at Euro 2020 still casts a shadow over his otherwise stellar career. This time around, he’s poised to banish those memories and shine brightly on the grand stage in Germany, eager to propel France back to European dominance.

Fresh from his blockbuster transfer to Real Madrid, Mbappe made an immediate impact with a clever play that led to an own-goal against Austria, securing a crucial 1-0 win. However, the match ended on a sour note as Mbappe limped off with an injury, leaving fans and pundits alike anxiously awaiting updates on his condition.


As France readies for upcoming clashes against the Netherlands and Poland in the group stage, we will keep you in the loop on Mbappe’s recovery and his potential role in the knockout rounds. Stay tuned for the latest updates and insights as the drama unfolds on the pitch!


Kylian Mbappe injury news, updates after broken nose

Kylian Mbappe’s heroic attempt to secure victory for France against Austria ended in agony as he suffered a dramatic facial injury in the dying moments of the match. In the 86th minute, Mbappe bravely leapt for a header but collided painfully with Austrian defender Kevin Danso’s shoulder, leaving him sprawled on the ground in distress. Medical staff rushed to his aid amid a tense atmosphere, delaying the game significantly.

The aftermath was grim: Mbappe emerged from the ordeal visibly bleeding from his nose, with alarming indications of a possible fracture. Despite his valiant efforts to soldier on, staunching the bleeding with a determined hand on his nose, Mbappe’s return to the fray was short-lived. Olivier Giroud took his place for the remainder of the match’s stoppage time.

France’s head coach, Didier Deschamps, acknowledged the severity of the injury post-game, hinting at a likely broken nose. Speaking to TF1, he remarked, “Yes, his nose is not right at all. We’ll see. Obviously, it’s tonight’s negative. It’s only a nose, but it’s very bothersome for us.”

As Mbappe’s condition unfolds, fans and pundits alike will be on edge, awaiting further updates on his availability and recovery ahead of France’s upcoming Euro 2024 fixtures.

After initial concerns over Kylian Mbappe possibly needing surgery for his injury, the French Football Federation provided a reassuring update, confirming that surgery would not be necessary—a development viewed positively by fans and pundits alike.

Despite the setback, Mbappe seemed to maintain his sense of humor, as evidenced by a playful post on social media where he quipped in English, “Any ideas for masks?” This light-hearted approach from the football star suggests he’s taking the situation in stride and remains upbeat despite the challenges.

As Mbappe focuses on his recovery, all eyes will be on his progress and potential return to action as France continues its Euro 2024 campaign.


When will Kylian Mbappe return from broken nose?

Kylian Mbappe’s injury saga at Euro 2024 took an unexpected turn when he was shown a yellow card by referee Jesus Gil Manzano after his departure from the match against Austria. The incident occurred as Mbappe, clearly in discomfort and bleeding from his nose, attempted to re-enter the field but then sat down, seemingly to manage the situation and perhaps waste a bit of time.

The referee’s decision to book Mbappe stemmed from what appeared to be a perceived delay tactic, as Mbappe’s continued bleeding and need to change his bloodied shirt suggested he was not immediately ready to resume play. This caution could have significant implications, considering Euro 2024’s disciplinary rules where accumulation of yellow cards could lead to a suspension.

Despite this setback, there is optimism regarding Mbappe’s injury prognosis. French Football Federation President Philippe Diallo confirmed that Mbappe will not require surgery and is expected to return to action at some point during the tournament. While his exact timeline remains uncertain pending further medical evaluations, the initial news is positive, reassuring fans that Mbappe’s Euro 2024 campaign is far from over.

As Mbappe looks towards recovery, it’s anticipated that he may need to wear a protective mask upon his return to mitigate any risk of aggravating his injury. This precautionary measure aims to safeguard against re-injury and ensure Mbappe can contribute effectively to France’s quest for European glory.