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When Sunil Chhetri’s response on growing Cricket compared to Football warms hearts

Sunil Chhetri has become a father of a baby boy recently.

In an interview of Indian football icon Sunil Chhetri demonstrated a spirit of sportsmanship and unity that says there is no boundaries of rivalry between sports. When questioned by a reporter about whether football could ever attain the same level of popularity as cricket in India, Chhetri’s response was not only great but also heartwarming.

With a smile, Chhetri acknowledged the significance of cricket in India. He expressed his deep respect for the sport and his genuine happiness at its success. Chhetri’s words were liked by fans and the reporters, emphasizing that his desire was not to see cricket or football at top of one another, but rather to see the rise of every sport in India.

“I have a lot of respect for cricket, and I am really happy that cricket is doing good. I want every game in India to be rising, not only cricket and not only football. Cricket is doing good, so it should rise more as they are all representing India,” Chhetri stated.

This statement from Sunil Chhetri reflected his love for sports in general and his commitment to the betterment of Indian sports as a whole. His vision is where India shines not alone due to a particular game but because of the collective growth and success of all sports.