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We are not superheroes, we are only human beings: Pogba opens up about his mental health

Pogba talks about the mental pressures he goes through despite being a world-class footballer at the top level and urges a platform for other young minds to speak their truth.

In a sit-down interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, Paul Pogba described his agony relating to the pedestal most footballers in the football world are kept at, curbing them from having open discussions regarding mental health issues that need to be talked about more, especially in his field. He admitted that he has been experiencing phases of depression throughout his career as a footballer, but as factors of fame and salary are included, it is not outwardly received as it should be.

“I have been through it, but we don’t talk about it. Sometimes you don’t even know you have depression, you just want to be isolated, to be all alone, these are the unmistakable signs”, added the Frenchman as he explained his stance towards unseen signs of the mental illness.


The 29-year-old Manchester United midfielder does not hold a good repertoire in the English side as his performances have significantly reduced in comparison to his best. Premier League has a test of physicality like no other, which was also another reason for the midfielder to feel this way. He said, “One is judged every three days, we have to be good all the time, although we have worries like everyone, whether that’s with our partners, our coach, in everyday life” and said that it all stemmed from joining the Red Devils with Jose Mourinho as their coach.

Pogba also had to withstand the test of times as his house was robbed, including his mother’s jewels and his World Cup medal, one of the most important achievements to an athlete and left him completely bewildered as the incident had also exposed his children under the same situation. He backed Thierry Henry’s view regarding conversations of mental health in the football world as most young athletes are deprived of it when they step foot into one of the most iconic leagues because of the huge sum of money earned, as they are taught to keep quiet and not complain. Pogba says that footballers should be given the platform to open up and express themselves, as important as it could be for normal people, as he confides in his former Manchester United and France teammate, Patrice Evra, as he does not want the negative moments to make him forget about all his achievements, he concluded.