We are not here for revenge: Pep Guardiola ahead of UCL clash against Real Madrid

Pep Guardiola is just focusing on his team Manchester City rather than the opponent.

As Manchester City prepares to face Real Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League semifinals, manager Pep Guardiola has emphasized the importance of avoiding revenge as a motivating factor. Last season, Real Madrid knocked out City in the semifinals, leaving a bitter taste for the English side. However, Guardiola believes that dwelling on past defeats would be a huge mistake for his team.

Guardiola, known for his tactical prowess and ability to motivate his players, understands the significance of this upcoming clash against the Spanish giants. The memories of last season’s elimination may still linger, but the seasoned manager is keen on maintaining focus and preventing his players from getting consumed by a desire for revenge.


Speaking at a pre-match press conference, Guardiola stated, “It would be a huge mistake. We are not here for revenge.” His words underscore the importance of keeping a level head and approaching the game with a strategic game plan.

Guardiola’s philosophy has always been centered around his team’s performance rather than seeking retribution against specific opponents. He believes in controlling what is within his team’s reach and focusing on their own strengths and strategies.