Wales captain Gareth Bale is not in favour of the idea of conducting the World Cup every two year

Real Madrid forwards Gareth Bale while speaking against the Biennial FIFA World cup said Qatar’s 2022 could be his last World Cup.

Wales national team captain Gareth Bale could be playing his last World Cup tournament in the year 2022. It is possible that the Real Madrid forward could retire from the Wales national football team after handing over his captaincy to someone else after this 2022 World Cup. In Bale’s interview with Reuters, he seemed not impressed with the thought of World Cup after every two years.

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger proposed this thought that World Cup should be conducted after every two years so that fans will be more entertained, they will not have to wait for four years to watch World Cup games. Arsene Wenger is chief of Football Development at FIFA. However, this proposal from FIFA of conducting the biennial World Cup is not looking promising to UEFA. UEFA are opposing this idea of FIFA so does Bale. “I like the tradition of every four years. It feels a little bit more special because it’s not happening too often,” Gareth Bale said, reports Reuters.

Despite the 32-year-old knows that it could be his last outing in one of the biggest tournaments in the world, he is against the biennial FIFA World Cup proposal. The Welsh professional footballer plays as a winger for Real Madrid and also lead the team in the Euro 2020. However, Bale couldn’t manage to make the team the champions but helped Wales to qualify for the round of 16 before they were thrashed by the Denmark national football team by 4-0.

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