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UEFA Nations League semi-final: Italy to take on Spain

Italy takes on Spain in the UEFA Nations League semi-final in Milan on Thursday 7th October at 12:15 IST.

With the second international break of the 2021/22 season, things kick off with a blockbuster UEFA Euro 2020 winners Italy to go up against semi-finalists Spain. The winner will then go on to face either France or Belgium later this week.

The past three years under Roberto Mancini have nothing short of a dream for Italy, even though he has won UEFA Nations League in 2020 he expects nothing short of another national title. Mancini’s men are unbeaten in a record 38 games and are heading towards the semi-finals with the same result expectation. With a win against Lithuania in a FIFA world cup qualifier of 5-0, the matter of concern is that Italy could not win any of the four games before that within 9- minutes, including the semi-finals and finals of 2020 EURO.

Meanwhile, Spain came through a very tough competition of Germany, Ukraine, and Switzerland, to have yet another rematch against the 2020 champion. Spain will be gunning for revenge to avenger their loss on penalties at the penultimate stage of the European Championships. Even though in the last international break Spain lost to Sweden 2-1 in a world cup qualifier, they came back stronger with a win over Georgia 4-0 and then defeating Kosovo 2-0. La Roja will now be aiming towards continuing that momentum towards Italy to take a step closer towards the finals of UEFA. Italy has had a major blow in their starting lineup as their star scorer Ciro is injured and is the duo of Matteo and Rafael and Leonardo Spinazzola also took a major blowback during the EURO.