UEFA Euro 2024: Arda Güler wins ‘Player of the Match’ award as Türkiye defeat Georgia

Türkiye has defeated Georgia in the UEFA Euro 2024.

Türkiye has defeated Georgia in the UEFA Euro 2024. This was the first game for both the teams and Arda Güler of Türkiye was named player of the match for his wonderful performance. The young Real Madrid player who has been a centre of attention since joining the club last season is also winning hearts in the Euro this year. He scored a massive left-footed goal outside the box which created a great impact in their 3-1 victory over Georgia last night.

Thrilling opening game for both teams in the UEFA Euro 2024 as Türkiye emerged victorious with a 3-1 win against Georgia. The match, held last night, set a game for the tournament, with Türkiye showing their skill and determination on the field.


The highlight of the game was undoubtedly the top performance by Arda Güler, who was named Player of the Match. The young Real Madrid sensation has been in the spotlight since joining the Spanish giants last season, and he continues to capture the eyes of football fans with his extraordinary talent.

Güler’s moment of brilliance came with a spectacular left-footed goal from outside the box, which played a crucial role in Türkiye’s commanding victory. His goal not only showed his exceptional ability but also significantly boosted his team’s morale and momentum.