UEFA Champions League: Chelsea through to the quarter-finals

Borussia Dortmund got defeated by Chelsea in the second leg and have been removed from the competition.

The UEFA Champions League is on a very interesting stage now as the teams are trying hard to become the part of the last 8. Chelsea FC had a game against Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday night, 7th March. Dortmund was removed by Graham Potter’s Chelsea as they defeat them by 2-0 in the second leg.

The final aggregate score was 2-1 to Chelsea as Dortmund defeated the blues in the first leg. Seeing Chelsea’s form in the recent months, it was unexpected for them to win this game. Chelsea wasn’t in great touch since they got a close victory at Elland Road against Leeds United in the English Premier League.


Graham Potter’s job is in danger but winning two games straight could lower down some burden from his mind. Raheem Sterling and Kai Havertz were the goal-scorers in the game which helped Chelsea make the comeback in the second leg against Dortmund.

Sterling scored in the first and Kai scored in the second to seal the victory and get the qualification for the next round of the UEFA Champions League.