UEFA bans England home stadium for public matches as a punishment for Euro 2020 crowd trouble

England national football team has been given a Wembley stadium ban by UEFA due to the trouble fans caused in EURO 2020 and will have to play several matches in closed doors.

After England had their first appearance in the Euro finals after 1966, fans got too excited and many broke through the police even without tickets to see their ‘IT’S COMING HOME’ dream come true right before their eyes, which sadly never happened as Italy prevailed and won in penalties.

Thus, as a result, UEFA has banned the country as a punishment for 2 games that will be played on closed doors without fans, with one of those suspended for two years, and a 100,000 euro fine. A stadium ban means that the country won’t be able to see the opening game of the UEFA Nations League in 2022-23.


During the breakout in the 2020 Euro finals, many fans with tickets found their seats already filled, and 49 arrested were made on that evening. The England Football Association did ask for a hearing and were granted one but the verdict was the same and FA was disappointed by the result and but a statement from FA read that they accept full responsibility for the action, money should be paid for the seats and regular actions are being taken to punish the guilty. Already due to COVID-19 capacity of the stadium was reduced from 90,000 to 60,000 but now it seems like the stadium will be empty for few days.

Strict actions like this from UEFA are very image courtesy-important to control and maintain discipline on the court and off the court and this strong will be a message for others to think before they act unethically in a game.