UCL Final: Inter emerge as better team in the first 30 minutes

Inter Milan and Manchester City UCL Final is goalless in the first 30 minutes.

UEFA Champions League Final have been started between Manchester City and the Serie A side Inter Milan. The game is heading towards the first half and it is still goalless. The scoreline remains the same but the stats is changing rapidly. This is one of the biggest game in this year and both of the teams have done an exceptional job to reach into this finals.

Inter Milan are emerged as the better team in this game as they are creating good amount of chances and also they have identified themselves as one of the influential side in the first 30 minutes. The half is not been fantastic so far for Pep Guardiola and company who have recently won the FA Cup and the English Premier League title for the third time in a row.


Despite creating a lot of chances, Inter Milan do not have something they can reflect on the scoresheet. City are looking for their first UCL trophy, will they able to do it this time? This question remains to be answered after this game.