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Tottenham steal a point after being down by 2 goals

Tottenham Hotspur had to settle for a draw against Brentford.


The English Premier League is officially back and the first game has been a thriller. The first Premier League game after FIFA World Cup 2022 was played between Tottenham Hotspur and Brentford FC on the boxing day, 26th December. Tottenham Hotspur faced a draw against Brentford FC by 2-2.

The Brentford FC was 2-0 up but this season’s comeback kings (Tottenham Hotspur) scored two goals to take one point from the game. Brentford scored the first goal in the 15th minute and it was their midfielder Janelt who recorded the first one after long world-cup break.

Brentford scored their second goal of the game in the second half. Ivan Toney scored the goal from the corner. However Antonio Conte’s men pulled one back in the 65th minute. English striker Harry Kane named himself on the scoresheet straight after the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Tottenham were 2-2 in no time and Hojberg helped the visitors get back in the game. It was a disappointing result for the Tottenham Hotspur as they are currently in the top 4 and are looking to stay there till the end of the season.