Tottenham Hotspurs beats Aston Villa to reach 8th in the points table

Tottenham won 2-1 against Aston Villa, places them at 8th in the league, Son heung-min had a spectacular performance in this match.

The game started with paying respect to one of the arsenal legend Roger Hunt, who played with arsenal for 11 years and is their leading goal scorer (286)


Aston villa fresh off of a win over Manchester United had hard luck tonight as they could not pass through the Hotspurs. This win by Tottenham put them back in the 8th position on the Premier League table with 12 points. At the 26th minute mark, John Mcginn gave the ball away and Son Heung-min pushes the ball up and finds Kordt Hojberg who places it in the bottom right corner. Aston Villa had a chance to equalise at the 42nd mark, John Mcginn shot a well-struck volley but just couldn’t keep it quiet on target.


The second half was all about Son Heung-min he was all over the field and had the Aston Villa defence on their feet with his quick movements, skills and his constant pressure on the ball or off the ball after Tottenham scored one by Oliver Watkins assisted by Danny Ings, within 3 minutes Hotspurs came back and answered with the equaliser, with the 2nd half hero Son Heung-min leading the charge and passing it inside the box which was converted by Lucas Moura but was later credited as Matt Target’s own goal.