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Tottenham Hotspur set the price tag of Harry Kane?

Tottenham Hotspur could consider selling Harry Kane this summer.


According to a recent report from the Times Sport, Tottenham Hotspur is looking for a staggering €100 million in one lump sum if they are to consider selling their star striker Harry Kane in the summer of 2023. This news is sure to raise eyebrows across the football world, as it’s a hefty sum of money for any club to part with.

Harry Kane has been a cornerstone of Tottenham’s success in recent years, and it’s understandable why they would want to keep him at the club. However, with interest from some of Europe’s biggest clubs, it’s no surprise that Tottenham is trying to hold out for a large transfer fee.

It’s not uncommon for football clubs to demand high transfer fees for their star players, especially when they are in high demand. And given Kane’s impressive form in recent seasons, it’s no surprise that Tottenham is valuing him so highly.


That being said, whether any club will be willing to pay such a large transfer fee remains to be seen.

It’s worth noting that the report suggests that Tottenham would only consider selling Kane if they were able to find a suitable replacement. This is a sensible approach, as losing a player of Kane’s quality without having a backup plan in place could be disastrous for the club.